Other activities

Maintainance, cleaning, regeneration, sports equipment, seeds, consulting activity

Maintainance, cleaning, regeneration

Natural lawns

It is necessary to give nutrition and fertilizers. After longer time it is necessary to make a regeneration of the whole lawn. To the standard procedures belong aeration, verticute, deep aeration, sanding, overseed

Artificial surfaces

To keep the desired character of the surface especially at the football pitches (similar behavior like the natural grass, a certain degree of shock absorb, water permeability) it is necessary to make maintainance and service. This involves cleaning of the surface, cleaning of the rubber infill, aeration, decompressing of the area, adding the rubber infill, brushing and teasing of the fibres.

Sports equipment

We do not only install the playing area of the pitches but we also cultivate the surrounding areas. We also install the necessary sports equipment like goals, corner flags, substitutes benches, protective nets, fences, interlocking pavement, railing, retaining walls etc.


We use seeds from the Dutch company Royal Barenbrug Group that was created in 1904 and is one of the biggest international companies in this field.

Consulting activity

We provide also consulting activities, preparing special studies, judgements and reports concerning natural grass pitches, pitches with
artificial surfaces, garden layouts and irrigation systems.

We use for complex maintainance of grass areas. We also prepare the fertilization schedule.